How to plant and grow peas?

The most interesting history of peas is, this is one of the plants which was known to humans right from the ancient period. But this is not the only reason for why peas are to be taken in the diet. Peas tend to have more nutritional value beyond ones imagination. This is the reason why more people are showing interest in planting peas in their gardening. There are many people who may be new to peas plantation. By making use of the following discussion they can get a better idea about it.


Not only the peas, but before planting any kind of plants or trees, the soil should be cultivated. A well cultivated soil will help in the healthy growth of plants and it will also be the right choice for further plantation in future. The organic compost mix and other products can be used for the soil preparation.


One can get peas from the stores and can soak them overnight for their germination. The next day, the peas can be planted in the soil. In case if the users are planting more number of peas plant in their garden they must make sure to plant them in right distance.


Once is the seedling is done, all the thing that is left is the maintenance. One must remember that the peas plants are the climbers and hence they make sure to fence it accordingly. The next important thing that comes to mind about their maintenance is watering. This plant will not require frequent watering. One must water the plants only if they are wilting. And in case if the climate is too dry, one can make user to water it periodically.


One of the most common question about this plantation is how long for peas to grow. It is to be noted that it will take 60-70 days for harvesting the peas. And morning is the right time to harvest this plant.

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