Easy several steps of getting free Bitcoin 

Everyone has their own pressing situation, and one’s shoe may not fit another’s feet. Therefore, we are going to discuss various ways you can earn free 10$ bitcoin. Probably, you don’t believe if you can make $10 free bitcoin. Let’s examine several easy ways of achieving this purpose:

  • Affiliate programs.
  • Mining
  • Get paid in Bitcoin
  • Faucets
  • Games
  • Scams and Betting

Betting and Scams 

Don’t fall in the traps of scammers or else you will lose all your funds. Once you’ve avoided scam, you can implement other means of earning money. You should know that you never make a digital currency from scammers. For example, if you are asked to play with a certain amount of money but don’t know what you will achieve in exchange, just know it is a scam.

Bitcoin games 

Some games out there can pay a little amount of digital currency, especially when you play it for some times. They are typically they are attached with some games. All you are required to do is to keep on playing as view the ads. The developer will as well earn through these ads and also pay you a portion of the earnings. If you don’t feel like viewing the ads, you can as well play the games and earn money from it.


Some years back, you could have easily earned some Bitcoins through the mining process. Unfortunately, currently, it has become quite challenging since the market is dominated with advance equipment for BTC mining. So, if you have to invest in BTC mining, you will have to invest a lot of money on powerful hardware. Note that you can just use an ordinary computer to mine bitcoin.

Get paid in Bitcoin

Honestly, it is not 100% free, but technically it can be called free. The gain it’s just like a reward game and you can do it in numerous ways. For example, you can request BTC donations on your website or work with anyone who pays in bitcoin.

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